Indians Rule the U.S Startup Arena

Rediff, an Indian magazine writes:

Indians account for 28 per cent of all foreign-founded private start-up companies in America, according to a first-of-its-kind study, ‘American Made: The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Professionals on US Competitiveness.’

The study found that over the past 15 years, immigrants have started 1 in 4 (25 per cent) US public companies that were venture-backed, representing a market capitalisation of more than $500 billion. Moreover, a survey of today’s private, venture-backed start-up companies in the US estimated that 47 per cent have immigrant founders.


One Response to “Indians Rule the U.S Startup Arena”

  1. petey boy Says:

    Wouldn’t 1/4 mean that you don’t own the U.S. Startup Arena? It’s 28 percent, and that would put you in the minority, correct? 47 percent are immigrant founders, but America is built on immigrants so the number should be closer to 100 percent.

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