New Year Resolutions

Well, as they say, better late than ever.  I am going to keep it simple: lose weight, blog more and keep in touch with friends a little better than I did last year. Not necessarily in that order, though. Upon deep reflection, I think it is important to make resolutions rather than give up on them. And what better day to do it than the penultimate day in January?

 Just came back from Bangalore. No, the past ain’t what it used to be.


 It’s not only the name that’s changing – Bangalore to Bengalooru. Gone are the days when I would take leisurely walks in Jayanagar, the traffic is so terrible that many folks take an autorickshaw to cross over to the other side of the road. As for me, I stayed at home and watched TV or chatted with friends, many of whom have returned from the Bay Area to Bangalore(B2B, as the joke goes). Bangalore is still quite the media darling, judging by the articles that get written about it. Of course, many rivals claim that the boomtown blues have hit and that action is shifting elsewhere. The latest is Odicheruvu, the Andhra Science city.

 Anyway, back to my resolutions. Uma has a lovely blog post on her thoughts about New Year Resolutions. It’s called Make You Own Uncool, it’s a quote derived from a letter written by artist Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse in April of 1965. It basically encourages one not to worry about cool, but to make your own uncool. Nice one, Uma.


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