Spammed by Linkedin?

As I settle into the second month of the year and my new job, I have been making new friends and acquaintances, and, gasp, trying to prune my Linkedin network from its current status to include just my trusted friends from my earlier lives. I think “trust” is the operative word here. As an early adopter of Linkedin, I’ve been adding contacts rather injudiciously and I think the time has come to start being more selective about who joins my club. It is hard to balance the need for publicity against the need for privacy. It is easier to add contacts rather than delete them, as I’m discovering to my chagrin. David Berlind has a nice post on his blog,Testbed.

Originally I had evaluated Orkut and Spoke to serve as repositories for my contacts, but found it difficult to use all of these sites simultaneously. During my recent visit to India, I found Orkut to be immensely popular, I wonder why. Here are some interesting Alexa stats on Orkut versus other offerings.Guy Kawasaki has an interesting post on Linkedin as well – he talks about 10 ways to use Linkedin.
It also looks like Linkedin may be acquired by Yahoo??? And did I hear Linkedin is about to achieve verb status? Well,well,well.


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